Leaders must be able to manage change.  Research reveals that one of the top reasons change initiatives fail is because executives underestimate how hard it can be to drive people outside of their comfort zones. The challenge is that at every level of the organization, from executive leadership to individual contributors, the way we interact in meetings, interact with the boss, run meetings, manage others and communicate has become routinized, part of what we expect. Leaders of change initiatives must understand that change can be uncomfortable and disorienting and the impact of change on morale, even under the best circumstances cannot be underestimated. They must seek to understand, at a basic level, the neuroscience of change to be able to approach the transformation process objectively. Whether it is a large-scale change initiative or the implementation of a new corporate strategy, the process requires objective leadership.
The Change Management Consulting Program is designed to:
  • Assist Senior Leadership in developing a transformation team, establishing protocols for engagement and building consensus for current state and end state
  • Guide the team in discovering and evaluating the underlying assumptions each member has regarding current state, end state and the transformation process
  • Support the team in identifying organizational mental models; those that are supportive to, or disruptive of the end state and/or transformation process
  • Lead the team and train senior leaders in transforming unproductive and disruptive organizational mental models at the company and department level
  • Advise the team in constructing a capabilities and milestone map
  • Guide the team in developing and executing a communication strategy to the organization
  • Consult with the team to develop a methodology for monitoring and reporting progress.
Change Management
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