The advances in our understanding of neuroscience and leadership suggests that what we perceive, believe and expect impacts our ability to evaluate situations clearly, make good decision and take effective action.
In the module, participants will learn The Framework for Objective Decision Making, which includes:
  • Establish the process for gathering information to maintain objectivity
  • Identify the underlying assumptions, expectations, emotions or gut instinct influencing judgment
  • Determine validity and usefulness
  • Develop new ways of thinking
  • Establish evaluation criteria
  • Evaluate possible outcomes
  • Choose an objective response
  • Make decision
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in
Objective Decision Making

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the inherent subjectivity that can derail clear thinking and sound judgments
  • Lead teams in evaluating team subjectivity and getting to a point of common unbiased consensus about the problem
  • Engage the objective decision making process
  • Communicate the team’s objective process, gain buy in, execute effectively


This is typically a ½ day addition to the Core Program.  The module will be a blend of action learning project/case study and lecture.
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