Demands on today’s managers are greater than ever before. Massive amounts of data are available to analyze. Changes in market forces are less predictable and more complex. Business leaders are expected to make better decisions, faster, and implement those decisions on accelerated timelines. The problem is that when the pressure to perform intensifies, managers tend to draw on their past experiences and underlying assumptions, which clouds their ability to see things as they are and respond to changing dynamics in an unbiased or objective manner.
The consequences can be significant:
  • Deadlines are missed
  • Emerging market opportunities are undercapitalized
  • Relationships with suppliers are misjudged and overvalued
  • Business models are not adapted to changing market conditions
  • Strategic alliances are compromised
  • Customers are lost
  • Internal relationships become strained
Today, effective leadership is less about subject matter expertise. A key distinction between good leaders and great leaders is the ability to reduce cognitive errors and increase objectivity when it counts.
Objective Leadership

The Curriculum

Objectivity: Core Competency for Effective Leaders is a customizable curriculum with in-depth modules designed to develop specific objective leadership competencies. The curriculum provides business leaders with the tools and techniques they need to reduce cognitive errors and increase their objectivity across key leadership challenges:
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
Drawing upon the latest theories of transformational learning, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, unconscious bias and cognitive restructuring, participants leave with a personal objectivity framework and a customized action plan based on their current level of competency and workplace challenges.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand our inherent subjectivity and how we relate to the world
  • Appreciate and accept how the mind works
  • Recognize mental models that are no longer effective in creating a successful work environment
  • Employ mindfulness techniques to increase objectivity in the moment
  • Begin a sustainable, ongoing learning process for transforming inconsistent or unsupportive mental models
  • Practice new skills to increase objectivity after the program


The curriculum can be delivered in a variety of formats, based on the learning and development needs of the organization and the modules selected.  The Core Program can be delivered in a one day with additional ½ days to full days depending on the customized modules and required outcomes. Through a combination of group-facilitated lectures and discussions, self-assessment, peer learning, one-on-one consultation, and action planning, the curriculum goal is to help each person develop a core competency in objective leadership.
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