What is Objectivity?

Objectivity is seeing and accepting “what is”, without projecting our mental models, background, culture, experiences and responding thoughtfully, deliberately and effectively.
Objectivity can help you:
  • Be a More Self-aware and Effective leader
  • See Things More Clearly and Make Sound Judgments
  • Make Better Decisions and Develop Innovative Solutions
  • Communicate and Collaborate More Effectively
  • Have you ever over-reacted to a situation?
  • Have you ever taken something personally that really wasn’t personal?
  • Have you ever misinterpreted the tone in an email and responded with “tone”?
  • Have you ever judged someone unfairly?

We all do this, it is the nature of the mind. But sometimes it can cost us a lot: such as a critical deadline, a customer, a promotion, money, or health and well being.

  • We experience through our senses a person, a situation or event.
  • In an instant, we project our own mental models – that is, the lens through which we frame our world, which is often based on our past experiences, our fears or our background – onto that person, situation or event.
  • We see something other than what it is, a misperception or;
  • One object or situation is mistaken for another or;
  • The value of an object or circumstance is exaggerated, blown out of proportion.
  • We judge someone unfairly.
The challenge for most of us is that we cannot be objective about how we relate to ourselves, our circumstances or the people in our lives. We are all subjective about the way we respond to “what is”. But there is the possibility of increasing our objectivity so that we can see things more clearly, make sound judgments, develop stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. This is also the nature of the mind.
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The Objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are

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In her new book, Thornton draws on her original research, as well as her years of experience as a manager and entrepreneur, to offer proven strategies for identifying limiting and unproductive ways of thinking and creating powerful new mental models that ensure continued success.

Leadership Development

The most effective leaders today are those with the ability to question their underlying assumptions and to know what is actionable and what is only in their minds in order make better decisions and collaborate more inclusively and effectively.


Organizational Transformation

Organizations thrive in a rapidly changing world when they know how to identify unproductive organizational mental models and empower their employees to develop and adopt new ways of thinking and acting to maximize productivity.


An Overview of Objectivity

We are all inherently subjective. Our inability to see and respond to things as they are has personal, organizational, community, national and global consequences. Lately, the need for objectivity has never been clearer as the effect of our inherent subjectivity continue to play out on a global scale with recent events such as the Paris terrorists attacks, government shutdown, and the rise in racial tension and distrust of the police, to name just a few. Because of advances in our understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity, we as human beings have the capacity to evolve: to transform our lives, our organizations, our communities, our country and our world.


Over the last year, our health center has worked closely with Elizabeth Thornton. Following a dynamic presentation on objectivity at a monthly staff meeting, we set up team and individual meetings to help all of us to identify our own subjectivity and to try to approach our work in a more objective way. The response from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive and our ability to test assumptions, communicate more honestly, and support one another has grown. Elizabeth is a talented teacher with an ability to cut through “stuff” to get to the real deal.
Adela Margules, Executive Director, Bowdoin Street Health Cemter
I had the opportunity to attend one of Elizabeth Thornton’s Objectivity Workshops. She captivated the audience and delivered an outstanding presentation. Her style is approachable, warm and powerful – so much so, that she received a standing ovation.
Juliette Mayers, Former Executive Director, Multicultural Marketing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusett
I had the pleasure of learning about Objectivity during one of my MBA courses at Babson College. After applying immediately the knowledge gained in class and in the 1-1 meeting with Professor Thornton, I have obtained outstanding results in a very short time in both my professional and personal life.

My overall lifestyle has improved: I am able to stop and evaluate complicated situations in order to make the right decision without being affected by biases, past experiences or any other external factors.

I have been able to deeply understand and ultimately leverage my rare core skills in order to lead, inspire and get the best out of my team. Indispensable knowledge that I can finally use to accomplish every goal set in my personal and professional life.

Daniele Lombardo, MIS/IT Director, ICONICS Inc

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